Guest Blogging: What, Why and How of Guest Posting

Guest blogging a.k.a. guest posting is term that often tossed around different blog whole talking about creating authority. In this blog, I will unravel this side of authority and brand building. So let’s start

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, is a content marketing strategy where you contribute articles to other websites and blogs within your industry. This practice enables you to establish authority, build relationships, and increase your website’s visibility in search engines.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

benefits of guest blogging mermaid

Enhance Your Authority and Credibility

By contributing well-researched and informative content to reputable websites within your industry, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Guest blogging on popular industry blogs exposes your content to a new audience. These readers are more likely to be interested in your products or services, driving targeted traffic to your website.

Backlinks from authoritative websites can improve your search engine rankings. Guest blogging is an effective way to build natural, high-quality backlinks that boost your website’s SEO.

Foster Industry Relationships

Collaborating with industry influencers and thought leaders through guest blogging helps you build strong relationships that can lead to further opportunities.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Identify Relevant Blogs

Research your industry to find popular blogs that cater to your target audience. Look for sites with high domain authority, social media engagement, and active comment sections.

Use Advanced Search Queries

Perform advanced search queries in Google to find guest blogging opportunities. Use search operators such as intitle:, inurl:, and “write for us” to narrow down your search.

#Search Query#Search Query#Search Query#Search Query#Search Query
1your_keyword “write for us”11your_keyword “submit a blog post”21your_keyword “submit an article”31your_keyword “guest post courtesy of”41your_keyword “contribute to our blog”
2your_keyword “submit a guest post”12your_keyword “guest post opportunities”22your_keyword “submit content”32your_keyword “guest post by”42your_keyword “want to write for”
3your_keyword “guest post guidelines”13your_keyword “contribute to our site”23your_keyword “submit your article”33your_keyword “guest post provided by”43your_keyword “contribute to this site”
4your_keyword “accepting guest posts”14your_keyword inurl:write-for-us24your_keyword “submit post”34your_keyword “this is a guest post by”44your_keyword “submit a guest post to”
5your_keyword “guest post by”15your_keyword inurl:guest-post25your_keyword “submit blog post”35your_keyword “submit your guest post”45your_keyword “guest post written by”
6your_keyword “submit your post”16your_keyword intitle:”write for us”26your_keyword “submit news”36your_keyword “send a guest post”46your_keyword “submit guest article”
7your_keyword “contribute an article”17your_keyword intitle:”submit guest post”27your_keyword “submit your content”37your_keyword “submit an op-ed”47your_keyword “submit a guest post on”
8your_keyword “become a guest blogger”18your_keyword intitle:”guest post guidelines”28your_keyword “become a contributor”38your_keyword “submit a guest article”48your_keyword “submit a guest blog”
9your_keyword “submit guest post”19your_keyword intitle:”guest post submission”29your_keyword “guest article”39your_keyword “contribute your expertise”49your_keyword “contributor guidelines”
10your_keyword “guest post submission”20your_keyword “submit your post”30your_keyword “guest author”40your_keyword “submit your guest post to”50your_keyword “submit your writing”
List of 50 queries to use while searching for guest blogging opportunities.

Utilize Blogging Communities

Join blogging communities and forums where industry professionals discuss guest blogging opportunities. Examples include My Blog Guest, Blogger LinkUp, and Triberr.

Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to monitor your competitors’ backlinks. Identify guest blogging opportunities by analyzing the websites linking to them.

Finding competitor backlinks can help you understand their link-building strategies and identify potential linking opportunities for your own website. Here are several methods to find competitor backlinks:

Google Search

Perform a simple search using your competitor’s domain as the query (e.g., “”). This will provide a list of websites linking to your competitor. However, note that Google may not show all backlinks.


Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that provides comprehensive backlink analysis. Enter your competitor’s domain in their Site Explorer to find a list of backlinks, including their domain authority, anchor text, and more.


SEMrush is another powerful SEO tool that offers detailed backlink analysis. By entering your competitor’s domain in their Backlink Analytics tool, you can access information about their backlinks, referring domains, and more.


Moz’s Link Explorer is an excellent tool for uncovering your competitor’s backlinks. Enter your competitor’s domain to find their backlink profile, including domain authority, page authority, and more.


Majestic is an SEO tool that focuses primarily on backlink analysis. Use their Site Explorer to find your competitor’s backlinks, anchor text, referring domains, and more.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a free backlink analysis tool offered by Moz. While it may not offer as comprehensive data as some paid tools, it’s a good starting point for discovering your competitor’s backlinks.


Ubersuggest, created by Neil Patel, is another free SEO tool that provides backlink data. Enter your competitor’s domain in their Backlinks tool to find a list of websites linking to your competitor.

Monitor Backlinks is an SEO tool specifically designed to track and analyze backlinks. Enter your competitor’s domain to find information about their backlink profile, including new and lost backlinks.


BuzzSumo’s Backlinks tool allows you to analyze your competitor’s backlinks by entering their domain or a specific URL. This tool is particularly useful for identifying backlinks from high-quality, authoritative sites.

SpyFu: SpyFu is an SEO and PPC tool that offers backlink analysis. Enter your competitor’s domain to find a list of their backlinks, including the domain strength and anchor text.

By using these methods and tools, you can uncover your competitor’s backlink strategies and identify opportunities to build high-quality backlinks for your own website.

How to Create an Irresistible Guest Post Pitch

Personalize Your Outreach

Address the recipient by name, and mention something you appreciate about their website. This demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to research their site and builds rapport.
Here are three guest posting outreach templates that you can personalize for various scenarios:

Template 1: Guest Post Pitch for a Similar Topic

Subject: Unique guest post idea for [their_website]

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I recently came across [their_website] and enjoyed reading your articles on [specific_topic]. Your content has been incredibly informative and engaging, especially the article about [specific_article].

I’m reaching out because I have an idea for a guest post that I believe your readers will find valuable. The proposed title is: “[Your_Article_Title]”. In this article, I’ll cover:

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3

I think this topic will complement your existing content on [specific_topic] and provide fresh insights for your audience. Here’s a link to a recent article I wrote for [another_website]: [link_to_your_previous_work]. I believe it showcases the quality and style of writing you can expect from me.

Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll send over a draft for your review.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the possibility of contributing to [their_website].

Best regards,


Template 2: Guest Post Pitch for a Different Topic

Subject: Exciting guest post idea to expand [their_website]’s content

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve been a fan of [their_website] for quite some time, and your article on [specific_article] really resonated with me.

I noticed that your website primarily covers topics related to [their_main_topic], but I wanted to suggest a guest post idea that could expand your content scope and attract new readers. My proposed title is: “[Your_Article_Title]”. In this article, I plan to discuss:

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3

I believe this topic is relevant and interesting, and it could help your readers explore new aspects of [industry/niche]. I recently wrote a similar article for [another_website]: [link_to_your_previous_work], which demonstrates the quality of my writing.

If you’re interested in my idea, please let me know, and I’d be happy to send over a draft for your review.

Thank you for considering my proposal, and I hope to contribute to [their_website] soon.

Best regards,


Template 3: Guest Post Pitch for a Series of Posts

Subject: Collaborative content series proposal for [their_website]

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I hope all is well. I’ve been following [their_website] for a while and truly appreciate the depth and quality of the content you publish, particularly your article on [specific_article].

As a fellow [industry/niche] enthusiast, I’d like to propose a series of guest posts that dive deeper into [specific_topic]. I believe that a multi-part series could provide your readers with a comprehensive understanding of the subject, and I have the following titles in mind:

Title 1

Title 2

Title 3

To give you an idea of my writing style and quality, here’s a link to an article I recently wrote for [another_website]: [link_to_your_previous_work].

If you’re interested in this content series, please let me know, and I’ll start working on the drafts. I’m also open to any suggestions or modifications you might have.

Thank you for your time, and I’m excited about the possibility of collaborating on this project for [their_website].

Best regards,


These templates can be adjusted according to your specific requirements and the website you’re approaching for guest posting. Remember to personalize each outreach email by addressing the recipient by their name, mentioning their work, and tailoring your pitch to suit their interests and content focus. By doing so, you can increase your chances of securing guest posting opportunities and building strong relationships with other website owners and content creators in your industry.

Showcase Your Expertise

Mention your experience, accomplishments, and relevant samples of your work. This helps establish your credibility and shows that you can deliver high-quality content.

Offer Unique and Relevant Content Ideas

Present well-thought-out content ideas that align with the target blog’s audience and niche. Ensure your proposed topics are unique and haven’t been covered before on their site.

Be Concise and Professional

Keep your pitch brief and to the point. Maintain a professional tone and avoid excessive self-promotion.

Writing a High-Quality Guest Post

Research Your Topic Thoroughly

Conduct in-depth research to ensure your content is accurate, informative, and up-to-date. Incorporate statistics, case studies, and expert opinions to support your arguments.

Write an Engaging Introduction

Capture your reader’s attention with a compelling introduction that highlights the benefits they’ll gain from reading your post.

Use Clear and Concise Language: Write in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for readers to understand your message. Avoid jargon and use simple language whenever possible.

Break Up Your Content with Subheadings: Organize your content with keyword-rich subheadings that make it easy for readers to navigate your post. This also improves the readability of your article and enhances its SEO value.

Include Relevant Images and Visuals: Incorporate images, infographics, and other visuals to support your content and make it more engaging. Ensure you have the right to use these visuals and provide proper attribution.

Edit and Proofread Your Work: Before submitting your guest post, thoroughly edit and proofread your work to eliminate grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies. This demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail.

Maximizing Your Guest Blogging ROI

Leverage Author Bio

Optimize your author bio to showcase your expertise, include a relevant call-to-action, and link back to your website or a specific landing page.

Promote Your Guest Post

Share your guest post on your social media channels, in your email newsletter, and within relevant online communities to increase its reach and visibility.

Engage with Readers

Monitor the comments section of your guest post and respond to readers’ questions and feedback. This encourages further engagement and helps you build relationships with your target audience.

Track Your Results

Measure the success of your guest blogging efforts by monitoring key metrics such as website traffic, backlinks, social shares, and conversions. Use this data to refine your guest blogging strategy and maximize your ROI.

This diagram illustrates the four key benefits of guest blogging: enhancing your authority, driving targeted traffic, building high-quality backlinks, and fostering industry relationships. By leveraging these benefits, you can effectively grow your online presence and achieve long-term success.

Best Practices for Guest Blogging Success

To ensure your guest blogging efforts yield the best results, follow these best practices:

Understand Your Target Audience

Before writing a guest post, research the target blog’s audience. Ensure that your content aligns with their interests, preferences, and pain points. This will increase the likelihood of your post resonating with readers and driving engagement.

Focus on Value

When writing a guest post, prioritize providing value to the reader. Share actionable tips, insights, and data-driven information that they can apply to their own lives or businesses.

Be Consistent with Your Brand Voice

Ensure that your guest post aligns with your brand’s voice and messaging. This helps create a cohesive experience for readers who visit your website after engaging with your guest post.

Build Relationships with Blog Owners

Establish long-term relationships with blog owners and editors. This can lead to future guest blogging opportunities and collaborations that further amplify your online presence.

Diversify Your Guest Blogging Portfolio

Contribute to a variety of blogs within your industry to reach a wider audience and build a diverse backlink profile. This not only strengthens your SEO but also exposes your brand to new potential customers.

Guest Blogging Ethics and Etiquette

Adhering to guest blogging ethics and etiquette is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation in your industry. Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful guest blogging experience:

Avoid Duplicate Content

Submit original, unique content to each website you guest blog for. Posting duplicate content can harm both your website’s and the host website’s search engine rankings.

Respect Editorial Guidelines

Adhere to the host website’s editorial guidelines, including their preferred writing style, content length, and linking policies.

Disclose Conflicts of Interest

Be transparent about any affiliations or conflicts of interest that may influence your content. This helps maintain trust and credibility with your readers.

Avoid Excessive Self-Promotion

While it’s important to showcase your expertise, avoid excessive self-promotion within your guest post. Focus on providing value to the reader rather than promoting your products or services.

By following these best practices and adhering to guest blogging ethics and etiquette, you can maximize the benefits of your guest blogging efforts and establish yourself as a respected expert within your industry.

Overcoming Common Guest Blogging Challenges

Guest blogging can present a few challenges. By understanding these obstacles and preparing for them, you can enhance your guest blogging success.

Challenge: Finding the Right Opportunities

Solution: Research your industry and identify websites that share your target audience. Make a list of potential guest blogging opportunities and prioritize them based on factors such as domain authority, engagement, and relevance.

Challenge: Getting Your Pitch Accepted

Solution: Craft personalized, professional pitches that showcase your expertise and offer unique content ideas. Demonstrate your understanding of the target blog’s audience and highlight the value your guest post will provide.

Challenge: Creating High-Quality Content

Solution: Allocate sufficient time and resources to create well-researched, informative, and engaging content. Utilize tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to refine your writing and ensure it meets the highest standards.

Challenge: Balancing Guest Blogging with Other Marketing Efforts

Solution: Develop a content calendar to plan and prioritize your guest blogging efforts alongside your other marketing initiatives. Set clear goals for your guest blogging strategy and measure your progress regularly.

Evaluating the Success of Your Guest Blogging Strategy

To determine the effectiveness of your guest blogging efforts, track the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

Website Traffic: Monitor the number of visitors, page views, and session duration resulting from your guest posts.

Backlinks: Analyze the number and quality of backlinks generated from your guest blogging efforts.

Social Shares: Track the number of shares your guest posts receive on social media platforms.

Engagement: Assess the engagement your guest posts generate, such as comments and interactions with readers.

Conversions: Measure the number of leads, sign-ups, or sales resulting from your guest blogging efforts.

By regularly evaluating these KPIs, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your guest blogging strategy for maximum impact.

In conclusion, guest blogging is a powerful tool for boosting your online presence, establishing authority, and driving targeted traffic to your website. By adhering to best practices, overcoming common challenges, and consistently delivering high-quality content, you can unlock the full potential of guest blogging and achieve long-term success in your industry.

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Written by Rahil Joshi

Rahil Joshi is a seasoned digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience, excels in driving innovative online strategies.

July 21, 2023

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